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Jose Cordova, Real Estate Agent | Current Listings for Sale

Jose Cordova is a real estate agent with . Per the CARETS MLS, Jose Cordova currently has 1 properties listed for sale. Click on a listing to view details, or use the "Recent Sales" link to view the sales performance of this agent in recent years.

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The real estate listings on this page have been filtered from the CARETS MLS Board using the Agent License (01291800) of Real Estate Agent Jose Cordova with . While the data on this site is deemed reliable, it is not guaranteed. Jose Cordova may carry additional listings that are not currently syndicated on LivingSoCal.
*LivingSoCal may not be affiliated with or endorse Jose Cordova or . For more information on Jose Cordova, you may perform a license status and disciplinary actions check with the California Department of Real Estate.