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Stoney Mountain Ranch, Hemet | Recent Sales | Property Values

There are 2 MLS Listings in the search: Recent Sales in Stoney Mountain Ranch in Hemet, CA. The sales within a neighborhood or market area are generally the best indication of current property values, as they are representative of the market's recent willingness to pay. Recently sold properties of a similar age, size and appeal may be considered "comparable sales" during an appraisal if you are planning to buy, sell or refinance.

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5335 Satinstone Drive Hemet, CA 92545 is listed for sale as MLS Listing SW15059755
Status: Closed Sale
Hemet, CA 92545
2,244 Sq. Ft. | 4 beds | 3.00 baths
Offered by: Homesmart, Lenore Cordes
1235 Berylstone Drive Hemet, CA 92545 is listed for sale as MLS Listing TR16147850
Closed on 08/31/2016
Hemet, CA 92545
2,996 Sq. Ft. | 5 beds | 3 baths
Offered by: Remax Estate Properties, Christopher MurrayRemax Estate Properties, Andrea Mckeown
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These Recent Sales in Stoney Mountain Ranch in Hemet, CA are provided courtesy of LivingSoCal.

*Real Estate Appraisers may use recent sales such as these as "comparables" in an appraisal report to estimate property values. A comparable is a recent property sale that has a similar overall appeal to a "subject" property which is being valued. Typically, a good comparable sale has transacted in the past 6 months, is located within 1 mile of the subject (preferably in the same neighborhood) and is similar in age, size, bedrooms, bathrooms and lot size. In slower markets, some sales occurring in the past 6-12 months may be permissible in an appraisal report. The sales featured on this page are direct from the CARETS MLS system. This data is generally reliable; however, all transactions should be verified with a second source. For more information about property values in your desired neighborhood feel free to contact us!